Local Development

Accessing the Service

Jsreport -

Scripts/Templates Development

When seeking to make changes to the Jsreport scripts/templates without having to repeatedly start and stop the service, one can set the JS_REPORT_DEV_MOUNT environment variable in your .env file to true to attach the service's content files to those on your local machine.

  • You have to run the set-permissions.sh script before and after launching Jsreport when JS_REPORT_DEV_MOUNT=true.

  • REMEMBER TO EXPORT THE JSREXPORT FILE WHEN YOU'RE DONE EDITING THE SCRIPTS. More info is available at https://jsreport.net/learn/import-export

  • With JS_REPORT_DEV_MOUNT=true, you have to set the JS_REPORT_PACKAGE_PATH variable with the absolute path to the Jsreport package on your local machine, i.e., JS_REPORT_PACKAGE_PATH=/home/user/Documents/Projects/platform/dashboard-visualiser-jsreport

  • Remember to shut down Jsreport before changing git branches if JS_REPORT_DEV_MOUNT=true, otherwise, the dev mount will persist the Jsreport scripts/templates across your branches.

Export & Import

After editing the templates in Jsreport, you will need to save these changes, it is advised to export a file containing all the changes named export.jsrexport and put it into the folder <path to project packages>/dashboard-visualiser-jsreport/importer.

The config importer of Jsreport will import the export.jsrexport and then all the templates, assets, and scripts will be loaded in Jsreport.

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