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A job scheduling tool.

Ofelia - Job Scheduler

Job Docs

The platform uses image: mcuadros/ofelia:v0.3.6 which has the following limitations:

  • Ofelia does not support config.ini files when run in docker mode (which enables scheduling jobs with docker labels) thus we need to always use the config.ini file for creating jobs.

  • Ofelia does not support attaching to a running instance of a service.

  • Ofelia does not support job-run (which allows you to launch a job with a specified image name) labels on non-ofelia services (ie. you may not specify a job of type job-run within the nginx package as ofelia will not pick it up)

  • Ofelia only initializes jobs when it stands up and does not listen for new containers with new labels to update it's schedules, thus Ofelia needs to be re-up'd every time a change is made to a job that is configured on another service's label.

Example of a job config

An example of job config in the file config.example.ini existing in the folder <path to project packages>/job-scheduler-ofelia/.

[job-run "renew-certs"]
schedule = @every 1440h ;60 days
image = jembi/swarm-nginx-renewal:v1.0.0
volume = renew-certbot-conf:/instant
volume = /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro
environment = STAGING=${STAGING}
environment = DOMAIN_NAME=${DOMAIN_NAME}
delete = true

You can specify multiple jobs in a single file.

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