Local Development

Accessing the Service

Superset -

Using the superset_config.py file

The Superset package is configured to contain a superset_config.py file, which Superset looks for, and subsequently activates the contained feature flags. For more information on the allowed feature flags, visit https://github.com/apache/superset/blob/master/RESOURCES/FEATURE_FLAGS.md.

Importing & Exporting Assets

The config importer written in JS will import the file superset-export.zip that exists in the folder <path to project packages>/dashboard-visualiser-superset/importer/config. The assets that will be imported to Superset are the following:

  • The link to the Clickhouse database

  • The dataset saved from Clickhouse DB

  • The dashboards

  • The charts

If you made any changes to these objects please don't forget to export and save the file as superset-export.zip under the folder specified above. NB! It is not possible to export all these objects from the Superset UI, you can check the Postman collection: CARES DISI CDR -> Superset export assets and you will find two requests. To do the export, three steps are required:

  1. Run the Get Token Superset request to get the token (please make sure that you are using the correct request URL). An example of a response from Superset that will be displayed: { "access_token": "eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1...." }

  2. Copy the access token and put it into the second request Export superset assets in the Authorization section.

  3. Run the second request Export superset assets . You can save the response into a file called superset-export.zip under the folder specified above.

Your changes should then be saved.

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