Central Data repository (no reporting)

Note: This recipe is in a pre-release alpha stage. It's usable but do so at your own risk.

This recipe sets up an HIE that does the following:

  • Accept FHIR bundles submitted securely through an IOL (OpenHIM)

  • Stores Clinical FHIR data to a FHIR store (HAPI FHIR)

  • Stores Patient Demographic data to an MPI (JeMPI)

  • Pushes FHIR resources to Kafka for other external systems to use

To launch this package in dev mode copy and paste this into your terminal in a new folder (ensure you have the instant CLI installed):

wget https://github.com/jembi/platform/releases/latest/download/cdr.env && \
wget https://github.com/jembi/platform/releases/latest/download/config.yaml && \
instant package init -p cdr --dev

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