A FHIR compliant server for the platform.

The HAPI FHIR service will be used for two mandatory functionalities:

  • A validator of FHIR messages

  • A storage of FHIR message

A validator

Incoming messages from an EMR or Postman bundles are not always well structured and it may be missing required elements or be malformed.

HAPI FHIR will use a FHIR IG to validate these messages.

It will reject any invalid resources and it will return errors according to the IG.

HAPI FHIR is the first check to make sure the data injected in the rest of the system conforms to the requirements.

A storage

Backed by a PostgreSQL database, all the validated incoming messages will be stored.

This will allow HAPI FHIR to check for correct links and references between the resources, as well as another storage for backups in case the data is lost.

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